Loading Bay Construction

Over the course of the last 15 years, our engineers have designed and constructed a multitude of loading bays, for a wealth of clients of many different sizes. With the growing need for double-decker loading docks, out team have become experts in converting - and improving - original lower single bays into fit-for-purpose larger docks. Our specialist team can assist just as capably, if you’re looking for a single loading bay, or if you’re looking for 5 docks inline.

Our loading bay construction services include;

  • Most appropriate bay construction materials
  • Bay lighting and edge guards/dock bumpers
  • Ensure chosen flooring style is fit-for-purpose
  • Single to double bay conversion
  • Full project management where required
  • Blast, crisis or emergency protection and preparation
  • Staging area requirements
  • Available ventilation and air intakes
  • And many other factors

If you'd like to discuss your loading dock needs, plans, ideas or proposals, we’ll be happy to provide more detailed information regarding how we can assist.

Simply get in touch for a free - no-obligation - estimate.